Tip Tuesdays: Freshmen 15 Becomes Freshmen 8 With Minimal Effort

 Ah, the Freshmen 15. The fear of it keeps us away from the delicious looking fried food in the cafeteria. The mozzarella sticks. The chicken fingers. The onion rings.

But what if you can have your cake… or in this case, curly fries, and eat it too?

According to a fabulous study, the freshmen 15 has shed some weight, and statistics are now seeing it as a freshmen 8. Students are taking control, and so can you!

While most of these tips seem obvious, take the time to ask yourself if you really do any of them. Exercise more. Eat less midnight snacks. And beware of the alcohol-induced hunger…try to nibble on something before you head to that frat party.

Want to read more? Check out the awesome article on USA Today.


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