Tips for Looking Like You Haven't Left the Office

_So, I couldn’t locate the article, but my friend who told me about this said she read it on Yahoo._ Apparently, there’s an article featuring *tips for how to appear as though you haven’t left your office* _(ie: you’re in a meeting, at the copy center, etc)_.

1. Bring an extra set of keys or a blazer to work and leave it on your desk. No one will think you’ve left without it.
2. Leave your door open. A simple trick, this may give the appearance you haven’t left for the day.
3. Bring a sandwich, take a bite out of it and leave it on your desk. Everyone will think you must be doing something important to have left mid-lunch. _They even mentioned re-using the sandwich, just change the lettuce when it starts to wilt.)_

*We gals at UChic do NOT recommend any of these techniques* _(as they are, in fact, unethical)_, we just thought they were really funny.

Get Wired for College and get a free iPod Nano

Apple does this quite a bit….buy a iBook, get an iPod half off, or get a free printer/scanner. But right now you actually get a free iPod nano. If you’re heading off to school this fall, I fully recommend this. There are fewer and fewer compatibility problems to report and having white earbuds sticking out of your jacket on campus is practically part of the college uniform. *If you buy:* The iBook and the iPod have to be on the same receipt _(you purchase both and then get a rebate check)_.

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