Tips for Tackling Mid-Term Stress

By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University

Midterms are here. We’re sure you’re buckling down and feeling overwhelmed with papers, projects and exams—but take a breath and break— here are the best ways to survives this stressful season: 





Avoid Self-Sabotage

Insecurity makes focusing on your studies much more difficult. Stay motivated; remember the reason why you are studying so hard and don’t forget that all of the stress will have paid off once the midterms are over! Remember, positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes!

Don’t Pull “All-Nighters”

Getting enough rest will help you retain information and you’ll be treating your body the way it should be treated! Make notecards and study them throughout the week or weekend. If you find you cannot focus on your own, study with your friends and have them test you on what you’ve been studying (which can be a great confidence booster!).

Don’t Leave Things for the Last Minute

Chances are you’ll have multiple midterms throughout the week so it is best to not leave things for the night before! Make sure to review everything you need for your midterm in advance, prepare questions for your professors about things you don’t understand. Again, make sure to make notecards and study them throughout the week or weekend.

Remember: It’s Okay to Take a Break!

Can’t focus or just feel like you aren’t retaining anything you’re studying? Take a break! You don’t want to overwork yourself; it will stress you out. Go for a run, enjoy some yoga or unwind and light candles to enjoy a bubble bath. These workouts are great for the mind and body and can get you back into study mode!


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