Top 10 Apps for College Women

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As our generation knows all too well, there is an app for everything. So many, in fact, that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to stay on top what’s going to get you going and what’s going to just sit inside your screen. Two of our tech-savvy Chicsters share the apps that they’re most pumped to put to use in 2014.

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes your sleep patterns and then sets an alarm according to when you will be in your lightest sleep phase so that you wake up rested instead of groggy. It also allows you to easily track your sleeping patterns with an easy-to-read chart.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to share files, photos, links and events with a selected group. Anyone who is invited to the Dropbox can access and edit files. It’s accessible not only as an app available for android and iPhone, but also as a website on your computer, so you can edit anywhere and anytime. It’s an easy way to do everything from working on group presentations to sending out registration forms for a club or society.

3. MealBoard – Meal and Grocery Planner

MealBoard lets you map out a week’s worth of meal plans and store recipes on your phone. It creates a shopping list for everything you need to make each dinner as well as what you already have at home, so you’ll always know exactly what groceries you need. For those nights when you’re too busy to think about dinner, you’ll have it already planned out and can trust that you have all of the ingredients.

4. Quick Resume – Resumes Maker and Designer

Quick Resume lets you build, edit, send and print a detailed resume, all from within the app. You can choose from seven different resume styles and even add a cover letter. It also gives you the option to import information from your LinkedIn account, making applying for jobs even faster.

5. 8Tracks

8Tracks is a database of free playlists curated by users around the world. You can upload your own or browse the 1 million already created by combining different genres, moods or events. Acting as your own customized radio, it’s perfect to use for working out and hanging out.

6. Spotify

Like 8Tracks, Spotify has been around for a while. I’m sure you have it downloaded to your desktop already; if you don’t, you definitely should. Previously, the app was only available to listen to Spotify radio for free but, as of late 2013, you are also able to listen to your playlists for free as well. You still have to listen to ads, but now you get to pick what songs you listen to, at least on shuffle mode.

7. Favado

Favado allows you to plan your shopping trips ahead of time. It allows you to see how much the items you need are at multiple different stores so you can go to the one that will save you the most money, instead of spending $5 on shampoo at Wal-Mart, then seeing it at Target for $3 cause that’s the worst feeling ever.

8. Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome has been around for iPhone for awhile now. But it was released recently for Android devices at a reasonable $2.99. This allows you access to all the features of the app and this app is great. It allows you to put different filters and different effects on your photos to enhance them before sharing them across social media. You’ll look like a photo editing pro.

9. Any.Do Cal

Cal is a newer calendar app. It allows for a streamlined interface that fully integrates with your phone. So you can see whose birthday it is and give them a call straight from the app, rather than leaving it and navigating to the phone app. Nothing’s better for productivity than having everything in one place.

10. Afar

This is the year that you finally travel the world, and Afar will help you do it. Afar is a travel magazine who just recently updated its app. It serves as a great travel planner and travel guide. It features expert advice from the magazine, as well as testimonials from others who have travelled the same area you are in. The apps are sure to enhance your experience in 2014. They’ll help you seize the day, or just help you create really cool photos.

By Anna Jonas, Dalhousie University & Ana Berkovich, Missouri State University

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