Top 5 Best Fashion Apps

With school back in full swing, girls are strapped with study sessions, part-time jobs, and plenty of extracurricular activities. Come midterms, many collegiate ladies find their biggest fashion statement their choice in highlighter or fluorescent sticky note. Want to look cute on the go? There’s an app for that!


1. Keep

This application is the perfect distraction from the stress of midterms. Think Tinder but with cute clothes and accessories instead of socially awkward guy’s whose profiles read: “Looking for a good time.” The site shows you items from around the web and you’re given the option to pass, keep or buy. Keeping items creates a wish list, and the applications serves as ‘universal shopping cart’ where you can purchase from multiple different stores in one easy, user-friendly transaction.

2. Stylebook

This app is every organized girl’s dream. Take pictures of items in your closet, and create outfits right on your phone. Stylebook also lets you shop for items, allowing you to make a wardrobe with endless possibilities. Basically, become your own stylist!

3. The Hunt

The Hunt is a community of savvy shoppers that make your wildest fashion ideas come true. Post a photo of whatever item you’re looking for, add in specific needs like size and budget, and be prepared to be WOW’d by responses! You will find exactly where to get that bag the girl in your lecture hall has been carrying.

4. Snapette

This site uses geo-targeting to locate great finds tagged by other shoppers near you. This is like Yelp or Foursquare of shopping, and will surely lure you into a store.

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