The Top 5 Fashion Must-Haves of 2009!

As the year winds down, we are treated to the traditional media barrage of countdowns, from who got divorced and who suffered Hollywood meltdowns to the top 10 movies of the year and even the top five pickup lines of 2009. In true form, UniversityChic hereby brings you the top five must-have fashion trends of the year!

1. Rompers

You may not remember these summer faves in the depths of winter, but rompers were a clear must-have trend of 2009. We (and celebs, including the shockingly sophisticated Dakota Fanning) could not get enough of these one-piece cuties, perfect for the hot weather. In solids, prints or floral, with flip-flops or a blazer and heels, onesies are the sartorial equivalent of a cupcake and an equally irresistible trend.

2. Plaid

The grunge of the Nineties was the hipster of 2009. Plaid prevailed, mostly popularly in the form of loose long-sleeve flannels with the sleeves rolled up just so. The perfect trend for your lazy campus butt, plaid shirts work with anything, hide everything, and are currently the most comfortable garment in your closet— all adding up to a fashion must-have of 2009.

3. Over-the-knee boots

Definitely a more daring style, these boots are a breath of fresh air for your leather mid-calf boot and— yes, you know it’s true— Uggs. The opposite extreme to our #5 trend (spoiler alert!) and a latecomer in this year’s fashion calendar, thigh-highs fit this year’s overall trend for cutting-edge and rocker flair (who can forget all the studs and fringe…). Taking cues from stars like Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson, try a pair and set the trend amongst your friends and campus for Winter 2010.

4. Leather jackets

If Nineties grunge was reincarnated as 2009’s hipster style, then this year’s black leather jacket is like seeing a ghost. Worn by every celeb from here to eternity (or at least from Taylor Swift to Taylor Momsen), the little black leather jacket was so ubiquitous it may as well have been this year’s Little Black Dress. Thankfully for us, getting a piece of shrunken grunge glory for cheap was easy-peasy (I got mine in July at Forever 21 for $37.50!) Always adding instant cool, this 2009 trend is a keeper, ladies.

5. Ankle booties

Yep, ankle boots are here to stay. A holdover from as far back as 2005, these fashion must-haves were rocked by celebs like Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller… well, we could go on and on. But in typical trickle-down-fashion (no pun intended), the ankle boot exploded in 2009 and was suudenly donned by you, your roommate, your best friend… hell, even my mom nabbed a few pairs. In black or bright, zippers or studs, wedges or high heels, there were a gazillion adorable ankle booties in 2009 to choose from… and we’re pretty sure we wanted them all.

Any major trends we missed? Comment below! And for more fashion and entertainment look-backs on the year gone by, pop over to for their “Best of 2009” and reminisce away.

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