Top 5 Funky Flash Drives

USB “Thumb” Drive
Price: $40
Space: 8GB

If you need a lot of space for a relatively small price, this actual thumb drive (in the shape of a thumb) is the right drive for you! It seems like it would be the perfect gag for the tech geek you love.

Price: Varies
Space: Varies

If you are in the mood to create something yourself, then this lego USB drive is for you! The Web site shows you how to create it and it might just be the perfect Saturday project to help you procrastinate this Thanksgiving Break!

Bottle Opener and USB in One!
Price: TBD- It will be available soon
Space: 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB

This USB can allow you to work and play at the same time– it comes with a bottle opener attachment–that is in fact the design--which actually opens bottles. These should be kept on your keys, so not only is it multi-functional it’s also a bit incognito– kind of like James Bond!

Crunching Dog, Sitting Dragon
Price: $9.99
Space: varies

Not in the mood to do your daily crunches? This USB takes care of it for you! Every time this dog–available as a beagle, dalmation, or lab–is plugged into your USB drive it crunches–so you don’t have to!!

X-Mas Stocking USB
Price: $25.00
Space: 4GB

Just in time for the holiday’s this Santa inspired USB drive is the perfect accessory for keeping your holiday gift list super secret. It also can double as the perfect stocking stuffer for a tech geek (like myself!!)

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