Top 5 Viral Videos of 2009 on Yahoo! and Youtube

As we get ready to countdown the New Year, there are some great videos that deserve a little attention. After doing a Google search, because everything’s available on Google these days, I found out that two sites have their very own list of the most viral videos for 2009.

Youtube’s list, compiled by TechCocktail, includes:

1. Susan Boyle– Britain’s Got Talent, which garnered 120+ million views this year,

2. David After Dentist, with 37+ million views,

3. JK Wedding Entrance, with 33+ million,

4. A personal favorite, the New Moon Trailer (with the oh-so-yummy shirtless Taylor Lautner), which garnered 31+ million views,

5. And finally, Evian Roller Babies with 27+ million views.

Yahoo! also has a list of the Top 5, which include some of the above and two variations. The Megawoosh video and Baby Dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video also made their list.

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