Top TV Moments of 2009

This year was filled with plenty of crazy and unpredictable moments, but here’s what I think makes the top five TV moments of 2009.

1) Balloon Boy Takes To The Sky

America was on edge while millions watched what was thought to be six-year-old Falcon Heene fly across the sky in a helium balloon this October. After the UFO flew for 50 miles, authorities realized Heene was not actually in the balloon and his parents had staged the event as a hoax. Both of Heene’s parents were sentenced to jail time for the scheme.

2)  Kanye Steals Taylor’s Thunder

The confrontation between Taylor Swift and Kanye West at the MTV VMA’s in September was the butt of many jokes for the rest of 2009. T-Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video when West came onto the stage and interrupted saying, “I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.” This provoked all sorts of spinoffs of the statement, but T-Swift got her revenge during her monologue when she hosted SNL in November.

3) Tim Tebow Tears Up

After losing the SEC championship game and all hopes of going to the national title game, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was spotted visibly crying, giving all Gator haters something to chuckle at. Alabama’s 32-13 win over Florida brought tears to Tebow’s eyes as the last few seconds of the clock ticked away, which will be a lasting image of Tebow’s collegiate career.

4)  Jim and Pam Tie the Knot

After seasons of watching these two co-workers get their flirt on in NBC’s The Office, characters Jim and Pam finally got hitched. Office fans finally got what they wanted after watching their slowly developing romance unfold with boss Michael Scott’s constant interference. Complete with a dance down the aisle (parodying the famous JK Wedding Dance on Youtube), fans were not disappointed with the wacky ceremony.

5) Jersey Shore Premieres

Just when we thought it was rude to stereotype people who visit the Jersey Shore, known often as “guidos” and “guidettes,” MTV showed us our assumptions were right. The show, a guido version of The Real World, premiered in December and did not fail to bring the drama. Viewers couldn’t help but watch as seven strangers moved into the house, complete with tans, protein and hair gel.

Picture credit: AOL

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