Best Bang For Your Buck: 5 Colleges With Built-in Savings

Excited to go to college, but worried about the cost? Don’t let tuition discourage you from attending a school that has a lot to offer. From top sports teams to competitive academics, the following schools definitely make the list for the most bang for your buck. Aside from their incredible credentials, each of the following universities offer a variety of financial aid programs (such as work study, book advances, grants, loans) to make your collegiate aspirations more feasible.

New College of Florida
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Graduation Rate: 63% graduation rate
Out of State Tuition: 27,614
In State Tuition: 5,364

University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Graduation Rate: 73%
Out of State Tuition: 24,736
In State Tuition: 5,922

University of Maryland: College Park
Location: College Park, MD
Graduation Rate: 63%
Out of State Tuition: 24, 831
In State Tuition: 8, 416

SUNY Binghamton
Location: Binghamton, NY
Graduation Rate: 66%
Out of State Tuition: 15, 291
In State Tuition: 6,881

University of Georgia
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Graduation Rate: 75%
Out of State Tuition: 26,946
In State Tuition: 8,736


By Erin Cunningham, George Washington University

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