Is Your College Gay-Friendly?

Two schools. Two different outcomes. Last week we witnessed a spate of bias attacks against gay students (many of which resulted in suicide as a direct result of bullying by classmates). On one end of the spectrum we saw Rutgers student Tyler Clementi jump to his death from the George Washington Bridge and on the other, students and campus officials at the University of Michigan rallied around the school's first openly gay student body president Chris Armstrong (pictured above), going as far as to ban his tormentor (Michigan AGA Andrew Shirvell) from campus.

Not suprisingly, the University of Michigan made Gawker's list of most gay-friendly schools in America, along with NYU, Berkley, Penn State, Princeton, and a handful of others. Sadly, most of the colleges mentioned were either on the east of west coasts, suggesting that students attending a university in the south and in the midwest are most at risk (is it really that big of a shocker that educational instituions in the Bible Belt were left off?) for being attacked or bullied due to their sexual orientation.

But is the problem as big as the media has made it out to be? We tend to think MOST college students are pretty open-minded as far as accepting diversity. Some may not agree with homosexuality, but the "live and let live" credo seems to be the motto for most of today's Millennials.

So is YOUR school gay-friendly? Weigh in on today's poll and we'll post the results later.

Do you think your school is gay-friendly?
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