Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for 2010

So here’s the scoop. Spring break is coming up soon and I’ve got 10 of the hottest spring break spots for 2010:

1. Cancun, Mexico

2. Cabo San Lucas Mexico,

3. Acapulco Bay, Mexico

4. Panama City, Florida

5. Miami, Florida

6. Nasssu, Bahamas

7. South Padre Island, Texas

8. Negril, Jamaica

9. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you’re looking to put together an entire trip for you and your girl friends, definitely check out They have dozens of inexpensive student packages as low as $239 for 7 nights for open bar, covers and drink charges, and passes for lines at clubs. If you’re looking for the craziest party, definitely go to Acapulco Bay, Mexico because MTV is hosting spring break there. There will be a ton of live concerts and celebrities! And, the Real World-Road Rules Challenge will be filming there! For more information about MTV, click here

By Erin McClary, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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