Meet the Colleges with the Lowest Graduation Rates in Country

Dear Golden Gate University and Idaho State,

With tuition costs thru the roof these days, it's kind of funny that you're charging anything, let alone not giving classes away for free considering neither of your have a graduation rate above 20%. What's even funnier is the fact that California is facing major classroom furloughs for students and teacher suspensions, yet two of the lowest-performing colleges in the country (Alliant International University in San Diego, we're talking about you) are located in your backyard and continue to garner federal and state funding.

Meanwhile, there's thousands of great private universities struggling to get by with no budget to attract new students, let alone put out big advertising campaigns to get people to come check them out.  Unfair? Illogical? Total BS time ten? We agree — that's why we're putting these three schools on blast.

If you're going to charge us through the nose to get a basic education, maybe we should charge you if that education sucks and isn't worth the piece of paper our diploma was printed on.

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