Transcending Holiday Stress

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is in a frenzy. You’re thinking of what to get your loved ones or what to bring to a family dinner and if it will burn a hole through your wallet. Now it’s time to stop stress and…

Set a Shopping Budget.

In order to maintain your savings account and your holiday pay, set a budget for the people on your shopping list—and stick too it! Coming up with creative DIY gifts for your loved ones can lift some weight off your shoulders and you’ll have more financial freedom to start 2014.

Get Sleep and Exercise.

Being a Grinch is something you’d want to avoid during the holidays, we’re all dealing with the holidays rush! Finals are over so it’s time to ease off the caffeine and catch up on the rest you’ve been missing out on. Good sleep can make you feel refreshed and decrease the risk of getting sick. Remember to maintain your exercising habits and eat healthy winter snacks, especially while out shopping.

Treat Yourself.

You’ve been working hard all semester long, so why not treat yourself to something you’d like? It could be a new book, dessert, or even just a candle lit bubble bath! Whatever it is, don’t forget about yourself! You are the key to your own happiness; living less stressfully will help you breeze through the holidays.

Be Charitable.

When I am able to donate some of my time to those in need by serving at a local soup kitchen or donating a gift to a child, I get all bubbly inside. You are making someone happy, which reflects back unto your own happiness. Donating your time or a gift can really make you feel great about yourself, all while lifting someone else’s holiday spirit!

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