Transform Summer Staples into Fall Favorites

It's mid-October, so of course you're excited to showcase the fresh ensembles you've picked up for the season, but there's one problem: It's still warm in many spots across the country!

No worries, it's easy to turn those summer styles into fall favorites–and look chic at the same time!

 Dresses are so effortless, and ironing isn't even necessary–which comes in handy after those late-night study sessions! They're fun to wear when the temperatures are at their highest, but when the mercury starts to dip, figuring out how to make them fall-appropriate can be a nightmare. Unfussy basics in the hottest fall colors make updating your wardrobe easier than those midterms that seem to never end.

Tights were all over the runway, and not just the run-of-the-mill black variety either! Colored and textured tights were everywhere. From electric blues and lipstick reds, to pretty purples and apple green, designers used every color in the rainbow for this fall must-have accessory. For those who aren't ready to make that big of a fashion leap, Marc Jacobs, among others, showed the traditional black tights in his fall collection. Use another accessory to make a statement–a bag, bangle, or necklace–if you're leery of the eccentric leg-wear.

Another easy way to update your summer dresses is to throw on a stylish jacket or cardigan. This makes it easy to sport your dress during the warm afternoons, while offering a way to stay cozy in the cool autumn evenings. Leather jackets are huge for fall and are available at affordable prices.

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