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For some college students, graduation is quickly approaching with mixed feelings of excitement, fear and sadness. College is considered to be, “the time of your life” and after that, you’re in the real world and have to become an adult; there’s no question, transitioning from college into the real world is hard.

Chicster, and recent graduate, Susan F. recently shared the things that she’d wished she had known while she was in college and we were totally inspired by her list.  To continue that momentum, Lifehacker, has another senior’s perspective on the seven helpful bits of advice for any graduating senior out there:

1.    The friendships you make in college can get you a job later. Have you ever heard the term;  “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”? Well, it’s actually both. Making valuable connections in college can be beneficial in the long run when it comes to job-hunting that your university has prepared you for.

2.    Focus more on learning than the grade you’re receiving. You’re paying thousands of dollars to learn. You’re also paying for a grade and now a days employers are looking at your GPA as a way to distinguish you from others. Learn the material you’re paying for.

3.    Get to know your professors.  Your professors know more than they show and say less than they know. Get to know them and their experiences. Who knows, maybe once they were in your situation. I know they may look old and cranky or unapproachable, but they’re getting paid to be a resource for you so use them as such.

Are you a recent graduate or about to graduate? Share some of the things you wished you would have known in college? Share with me @_anniquej and tag #UChic or leave us a comment below!

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Annique Jones, University of Colorado Boulder


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