Trend Report: 50’s Fashions

Fashion can be prediactable in its unpredicatableness. When the going gets tough (as in the economy), the tough (as in designers) focus on a happier time and draw inspiration from it. Enter this season’s crop of 1950’s styles. From cute little one-piece rompers, to checkered shirts and flashy headbands, you’re sure to attract your own personal Danny Zucco when sporting one of these fab fashion finds!

Love the idea of a one-piece outfit that’s perfect for the beach AND a day spent pool-side? Check out all the rompers Abercrombie & Fitch has rolled out just in time for spring. Personally, I love their striped/floral Valerie version ($68.00). It’s retro enough to suggest you shopped vintage, but holds a modern appeal even Katy Perry would appreciate.

If rompers are a little TOO ancient for your tastes, you can always keep it casual with one of the many fitted plaid shirts floating around this season. Delia’s Sammy Shirt ($39.50) is the perfect example of a 1950’s look. Pair it with your skinny jeans and a ballet flats, and you might just start to feel like an extra from Dirty Dancing!

Ok, ok. So maybe you’re not ready for a full fashion flashback. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this trend on a much smaller scale. Charlotte Russe is now carrying a full-range of accessories inspired by this decade. Get your I Love Lucy on with one of their bow headbands (starting at $3.99), or go 50’s glam and opt for one of their super-fem triple strand necklaces (this pearl and flower one for $9.99 would look great with a cardigan).

Hey, the days of poodle skirts and malt shops may be over, but it’s clear from the many retro-inspired finds floating around this season that we’re definitely in for some Happy Days.


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