Trend Report: Agate Accessories

Tiring of your old chunky bangles and delicate silver necklaces? I know I am.

Keeping your accessories interesting and updated is tough, because we’re a lot less likely to pick up new jewelry when for back-to-school or spring shopping than we are to splurge on a new clothing item. But while jeans or solid tees can always be given a new twist, sometimes your old stand-by necklaces, bracelets and rings start feeling… well, old.

One new angle on jewelry for spring are agate accessories. Agate is a gemstone made of mineral quartz, and its beauty comes from its concentric layers of bright, blended colors. In vivid purples, blues, greens, oranges, pinks and browns, polished agate stones dazzle set in a ring, hanging from a chain, or strung together as a chunky bracelet.

Definitely for the funky and adventurous, agate accessories aren’t so much a trend-of-the-moment but rather a unique boho extra that will make you stand out amongst your less creative friends.

And where to buy such cool pieces? Our best recommendation is, an online home for buyers and sellers of handmade items including jewelry, clothes, housewares and other funky homemade things. Type in the word “agate” on and up will pop exactly 23,832 items. One of our favorites is a vintage-inspired bracelet with flat, light turquoise agate beads and a funky bronze rose— handmadem one-of-a-kind, and only $30. Also great is this gold leaf-shaped necklace accented with a deep red, oblong agate gem. At only $43.80, it’s a conversation piece that can dress up even a plain white v-neck.

Head over to and explore a huge range of handmade agate extras that will spice up your jewelry case. Enough Forever 21 jewelry and pieces you’ve had since you were 12. It’s time for something new— and out of the ordinary.

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