Trend Report: The Great Gatsby Effect

Ever imagine yourself in the feminine, glamorous clothing of the 1920’s, but never sure where to start? With summer fast approaching, look
towards The Great Gatsby for stylish summer inspirations and bring a modern twist to the “roaring 20’s” style.

Take your kimono, maxi, and flapper style dresses (I absolutely LOVE Free People’s spring offerings), and accessorize them with deep-crowned hats (like this perfectly peachy one for just $28!) and long pearl and beaded necklaces. The 20’s were all about having fun, so stick to bright colors and patterns to spice up those hot summer days.

Don’t have access to a vintage store? No worries! Stylish girl go-tos like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have clothing worthy of your classic literary affections. Also, don’t forget, hair and make-up were vital to the complete 1920’s look. Hair accessories were all the rage, and a fresh
face with a splash of color on the lips completes a sophisticated, lady-like look. (My advice: Make sure you pick up  Buxom’s Dolly Does…Amsterdam make-up kit if you want to recreate that sexy pout/smoldering eyes silent film star look!)

By Erin Cunningham,  George Washington University

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