Trend Report: Metallic Mesh Must-Have Accessories

The blogs and magazines go on and on about the latest trends in clothes and shoes, but what’s a girl to do about accessories?

Funny you should ask. The latest trend in jewelry is metallic mesh for bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. Thin strands of metal are woven together to create metal “mesh” for a fierce rocker look. Better yet, metallic mesh is flexible and way more comfortable to wear than chunky bangles or statement rings.

For the must-have metallic mesh accessories, head straight to Anthopologie. Our favorite piece is the Plaited Mesh Bracelet ($178), whose thickness gives the bracelet a rocker feel to match this season’s leather jackets and motorcycle boots. Silver and gold add a sophisticated touch, making this bracelet work as well with flouncy dresses as with skinny jeans.

For a piece of utterly irreverent mesh bling, check out Anthopologie’s Captured Gems Bracelet ($178). With dozens of fun mega-rhinestones threaded on delicate metallic mesh, this loose bracelet is the prefect piece for that basic black you love so much.

Last but not least, Anthropologie’s Bayou Fellas Earrings ($42) put a new spin on chain-link metal. With hanging chains of silver, gold and onyx, these baubles combine delicate dangle with metallic mesh. Fierce and fancy, metallic mesh pieces make the perfect winter accessory.

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