Trend Report: Scentsational Spring Fragrances

Spring has sprung, which means spring dresses, sandals… and fragrance?

That’s right, ladies— like clothes and accessories, perfume also has its seasons. It’s not to say that come Labor Day, your Burberry Brit must be immediately shelved in favor of the bright bottles of, say, Ralph Lauren Ralph or DKNY Be Delicious. But certain fragrances are indeed suited for certain seasons: as temperatures rise, your scent should uplift as well. Floral and fruity notes rule for spring, whereas heavy musk, wood, and other intense scents should go the way of your tights and boots. Here’s a quick guide to the best scents, both new and old, for spring.

Heralding in the warm weather is a brand new scent from fashion house Hanae Mori from their new Eaux de Collection. Appropriately entitled No. 1 ($95), the light scent is fruity, with grapefruit, blackberry, and raspberry notes and vanilla and jasmine petals to round it out. The lavender perfume is packaged prettily in a tall glass bottle with a funky architectural top. And best of all? It’s eco-friendly, too.

For a new classic, you can count on Chanel Chance Eau Tendre ($65). A lighter version of the original Chance (and a far cry from the wonderfully weighty No. 5), Chance Eau Tendre has top notes of grapefruit, grass, and clover. In pretty pale pink, this perfume is perfect for the new season.

Pair those pretty floral dresses with the floral notes of Chloe ($60). Pink peony, freesia, magnolia, and Lilly of the Valley all complement the fragrance’s strongest note, rose. Packed into a vintage-inspired thick glass bottle and topped with a girly grosgrain ribbon, Chloe is a veritable garden in a bottle.

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