Trend Report: The Winter Gloves You’ll Love

This season, gloves have proven to be more than just something to keep your hands warm. Whether they’re adorned with gems, studs or lace, there’s no longer an excuse to bust out a boring pair of your mom’s black Isotoner gloves the next time the temperature dips.

Functional: Urban Outfitters has a great selection of knit gloves and mittens, most of which can be converted into hobo glove, which is perfect if you spend a lot of time scraping off your car during the winter. These leather Faux Fur Racing Gloves ($24.00) are cute and sporty, but also toasty warm, thanks to their thick fur-lining.

Flashy: If you’re the kind of person who insists on wearing peep-toe shoes in two feet of snow, Free People’s Jeweled Pointelle Glove ($28.00) might be right up your alley. These soft, fingerless gloves are made of a bright sweatshirt material, but the faux gems across the knuckled make this less of a hardcore look and more a high-end fashion statement.

Retro: Feeling that ’80’s itch? Look no further than Forever 21’s Fingerless Lace Mid Length Gloves ($4.80). It’s a Madonna look for a Lady Gaga audience, complete with ruffled chiffon trim.

By Lauren Tousignant

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