Trend Report: What’s Shakin’? Bacon!

Blame it on Lady Gaga or a fondess for hungover weekend brunches – whichever the case, bacon is hot right now (and we're not talking right off the skittle either). Suddenly there's a ton of bacon-related products on the market, and all these people (mostly my guys friends) are eager to give each one a try no matter HOW gross or disgusting it sounds (lip balm and floss?!? Realy?)

While I'm all for the real thing (I've tried Zingerman's pecan bacon cookies and found them oddly delicious), I draw the line at bacon gumballs, Diet Coke with bacon flavoring, and Bakon vodka. Instead, I suggest the following swine-inspired gifts for the bacon enthusiest in your life:

Wrapping Paper: Ok, so Fred Flare's bacon holiday gift wrap ($8.00) is oddly amusing, so I'm sure your brother/boyfriend/favorite frat guy will agree. Use it for all your Christmas gifts, or just save it for a special occassion like a birthday or anniversary.

Clothing: Etsy's got the market cornered on fun bacon-inspired fashion. Personally, I can see me or my boo sporting this bacon wrapt fleece scarf ($30.00) when one of us is feeling goofy. But "I Love Bacon" hipster briefs ($27.00)? Like my BF needs anymore encouragement…

Perfumes and Candles: Edible bacon candles from Chicago ($5.00; David Burke's Primehouse), homemade chocolate bacon soaps ($5.50), and solid bacon perfume ($6.00) are just some of the hot aphrodisiacs currently on the market. While dudes DO have a tendency to obsess over the scent of bacon, I'm not sure they want their girl sporting it 24/7.

Silly or totally sizzlin'? This is one trend that's definitely for not for the faint of heart (OR any vegetarians you might be shopping for this holiday season).

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