Trend Report: Bright Tights

With the winter in full force, it’s tempting to stuff your skirts into the back of your closet and hide in jeans until spring. Don’t let the cold weather cramp your style! Whether your dressing for the interview, going out on the town, or just dressing up for class – your favorite stores have got you covered (literally) with beautiful tights to brighten any winter outfit and still show off your favorite skirt.

American Apparel, $14.00

Before jumping leg first into neon tights, try this beautiful pair of Midnight Blue. This pair is a perfect variation from the standard black or nude color, but is just as versatile. There’s a splash of color without an overwhelming brightness. In addition, they will still be great with a floral skirt or dress closer to spring.  If you start feeling adventurous, American Apparel has nearly every other color of tights. Try the Tango Red or Blue Violet for a bold, colorful look.

Charlotte Russe, $7.50

My personal favorite color of tights is grape purple from Charlotte Russe.  The purple brightens up a black dress or skirt in any setting. Pair them with flat black boots for class, or your favorite booties for a night out. Purple is a fun color because it’s light enough to brighten up black but still dark enough to fit in to your every day appearance.  Your new style will have every one wondering if you just walked off a runway.

Express, $16.50

If you’re still not sold on adding bright colors to a winter wardrobe, Express has a more sophisticated and conservative look to keep you in your winter skirts. Their patterned tights allow for a professional yet stylish look.  The heart tights are an adorable alternative to plain black tights. If these are a little too sheer, try the Diamond tights ($19.50).  The pattern is still evident, but not as obvious. No matter your style, these are a total must-have for the season.


By Marissa Kameno, Quinnipiac University

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