Trend Report: Embroidered Tunics

Whoever said tunics had to go out of style with the ancient Egyptians?  It’s summertime now, and look around…whether you're on your college campus, or just enjoying a day in the sun, girls are sporting this latest look in a hundred and one ways and then some. The flowing, light material is known to keep you cool when the weather is feeling warm, but these new options are sure to keep you feeling hot.  Better make room in your closet, because when you’re shopping for embroidered tunics you won’t be able to leave the store with just one!

If you're searching for a casual outfit that screams "look at me!" this embroidered cut out tunic by Arden B ($49.00) is perfect for you.  This simple girly shirt pairs well with some denim Bermuda shorts and a pair of your favorite matching sandals.  You’ll feel comfortable but look pretty with little or no effort.

Everyone knows that a night out with your girl friends is not complete with out the perfect outfit.  This Kimono Sleeve Embroidered Tunic from Macys ($69.99) is sure to complete your evening — and your outfit!  It’s versatile look can take you anywhere.  Throw on some white-hot pants, a pair of your best heels, and some wooden bangle bracelets for a total dramatic effect. 

Looking for something that's office or internship-friendly? This Patsy embroidered tunic by Juicy Couture ($162.00; Zappos) is comfortable and has a more ‘formal’ look to it.  Pair it with some pants or leggings and simple necklace and you're sure to earn raves for your outfit AND your summer work aesthetic!  

Finally, for a great afternoon look on a college budget, make sure to check out this sassy feather trim knit tunic at Forever 21 ($27.80).  You’ll be the most confident girl at the beach AND have the still have enough spending money left over to splurge on a cute bikini to match.

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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