Trend Report: Fall Ponchos

We all know those new H&M commercials showing customers admiring themselves in front of a three-way mirror at their killer deal. Well, you know the one with a girl wearing a beige sweater-knit-pull-over something? That something has a name, and it is the fashion poncho. No, these are not rain ponchos (i.e. those bright yellow Mickey Mouse rain ponchos your mom bought for the whole family). These ponchos are essentially oversized knit sweaters that are either armless or have large openings instead of sleeves. They are great pieces for the upcoming fall season AND they can change up your everyday work attire or add unique twistc to casual eveningwear. They come in lightweight material and thick fabrics for warm weather, and come in a variety of colors and styles. So which fashion poncho is right for your body, fashion preferences, and lifestyle? Here's a rundown:

Covertible Knit Poncho (Nordstrom, $78.00) This is the basic fashion poncho – loose knit, lightweight, and sleeveless. It comes in four colors (blue, black, gray, and beige) and can be converted to cinch at the hips and create open sleeves for a flowing look.

Juliet Cable Poncho (Guess by Marciano, $138.00) Here is a more upscale version of the fashion poncho. It’s clean and simple, yet elegant. The cream color makes it an ideal piece for work or any daytime activities. What makes it even more sophisticated is the detailed stitching, asymmetrical cut, and soft neckline. You can find this on Marciano’s website for $138. It is more expensive than the Nordstrom poncho, but for most  fashionistas, it’s more than worth the price.

Tommy Hilfiger Trend Poncho (Macy’s, $96.99) Need something that will keep you covered while waiting for the campus bus? Check out this poncho that's on sale online at Macy’s for $96. This three-quarter sleeve, trench-coat style poncho is the perfect combination of style and functionality – and it's waterproof. Yup, I said it. Waterproof! It also has pockets and a removable hoodie, which means this fashion poncho can carry you through all the seasons.

Staring at Stars Hooded Poncho Sweater (Urban Outfitters, $58.00) Looking for a great seperate you can layer with long-sleve tees and all those comfy thermals you throw on for game day? This Urban Outfitters numbers is exactly that and more. Super-soft with a built-in hood, this allows you to sport some major style while keeping warm.

So how do you wear these ponchos? The general rule of thumb is to pair them with slim, fitted jeans. Wear it over a cute, feminine camie or your favorite v-neck tee. Pair it with knee-high or ankle boots, and top if off with a cute scarf. Since most of these ponchos only come in earthy tones, they can carry the the rest of your outfit. Warnng:  be sure not to over-accessorize with too many layers or jewelry as it will overwhelm the large size of the ponchos.


By Erin McClary, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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