Trend Report: Flip Flop Hooray!

March is a wonderful month. The snow is beginning to melt, the sun is shining, robins are singing, and my toes are tired of being cooped up in Ugg boots. On a college kid’s budget it’s sometimes hard to buy new shoes for every season, but here are some of the cutest and most cash cconscious flip flops for your feet for under $20.

Looking for cute on the cheap? Stick with a classic like Old Navy’s current crop of flip flops. These babies are a bargain two for $5.00, and apparently come in cool prints such as zebra, stripes, and a cute boho flower pattern(that’s what I call a spring break bargain!).

Kohls has a similar deal going on as well. Pick up an assorted two-pack of flip flops for just $4.99. From a trendy yellow polka dot set, to zebra or floral, you’ll take color-coordinating to new heights with these matchy-matchy multi-packs.

Super sporty? Ultra fem? Target has a variety of cute options. Whether you’re into an athletic style or want a little bedazzle action decorating your toes, there are pages and pages of styles from around 5 bucks to $12.99.

So slip some on and strut your stuff! With spring just around the corner, it’s time to liberate your feet and usher in a familiar college staple.

By Lauren A. Miller

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