Trend Report: Funky Sunglasses

Every fashionista wants to look good wherever the summer breeze takes them, and we all know that the smallest accessory can make the big difference.  A cute pair of sandals isn’t the only thing you are going to want when you take off for a day at the beach.  Don’t forget your favorite pair of funky sunglasses… a summer must-have.

Luckily, these eye-catching shades in every shape, size, and color (and price range).  Looking to accessorize and make a huge statement?  You’re bound to run into a little romance with these red hot Lolita heart-shaped frames ($7.56). They are great for any true girly girl.  Searching for a little blast from the past?  Grab a pair of these funky cat eye glasses from Etsy ($37.00) to add to your vintage wardrobe. Their purple and green frames will add a little color and a classic style to any summer outfit. 

If that isn’t enough color for you, then you can look fresh bringing back the 80’s with these 1980’s retro lenses ($18.00). You’ll definitely show off your inner diva with these vibrant shades available in Glowing Orange, Electric Blue, Yellow Submarine, and Hot Pink.  Buy them all and have a color for every look outfit.  Whatever your preference is, your summer outfit won’t be complete until you pick up your own pair… or three!

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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