Product Review: Fake Your Way to the Perfect Holiday Manicure

Me and my nails have a love/hate relationship. I'm obsessed with keeping them painted and polished and they're intent on smudging, chipping, and smearing every time I try to apply my nail polish without leaving at least an hour to dry.

If I had the time to go and get a mani/pedi every week I would, but with the holidays upon me and my shopping list growing and growing, it always seems like it's just easier to go au naturale then deal with a crowded salon and a two hour appointment.

Thankfully, I just happened to discover this handy dandy new applicator kit that's totally no muss/no fuss. Incoco Dry Nail Appliques ($8.00; available for both hands and feet) are a dry nail application kit that's so simple you could probably put them on in your sleep. Simply files your nails (taking care to buff away any ridges), remove an applique from the strip, take off the back adhesive, and then press it firmly to your nail (taking care to make sure there aren't any folds or air pockets). Guaranteed to last up to two weeks, these babies are definitely something you want to add to your holiday wishlist!

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