Trend Report: Lace-Up Wedges

Trend Report:  Lace Up Wedges

Looking for the latest and greatest summer accessory trend?  Reality check: Lace-up wedges are almost as hot as the weather these days!  Nothing says chic better than a sassy spin on a classic shoe every girl loves.  Available in a variety of different styles and colors, lace-up wedges allow you to up your fashion quotient while adding a little spice to your feet. These hot styles will give you the best of both worlds…and look great with any summer dress.  

For a classic look, these red canvas lace up ankle espadrille wedges ($16.99) are perfect for a casual day at the beach or a stroll down the boardwalk.  They have the same style of the classic wedge you have always loved, but the ankle laces give it a flirty zing.  Wear them on any summer day and you’ll definitely have heads turning your way.

If you’re the type of fashionista that has always walked to the beat of your own drum, you’ll love these Jingman lace-up wedges by GUESS ($32.48).   The long laces add a little funk to the classic wedge style.  Nothing says diva better than the sophistication of a wedge with sassy laces that tie up your legs.  You’re sure to make a statement in even the most simple denim skirt/t-shirt combo.

You can also change it up even more with these Colin Stuart lace-up wedge sandals, available at Victoria’s Secret ($45.00).  The short ankle laces add a little elegance to the casual look of a sandal wedge.  Who says you can’t wear sandals to a formal event?  These lace up wedges will look great hitting the carnival OR an evening of star-gazing with your summer crush.

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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