Trend Report: Beyond Your Basic Cardigan

As the weather begins to gradually cool down in the next few weeks, you may need to add another layer or two. I usually like to throw a cardigan on over a t-shirt in place of a light jacket (until it gets too cold, which will be soon if you're stuck in upstate New York like me!).  But, rather than go with the same boring ones we've seen over and over again at the mall, I'm opting for one of these new cardigan hybrids. They offer way more detailing, bling, and oodles and oodles of style.

Cool Prints: This Talavera cardigan ($118.00) from Anthropologie is by far my favorite! The pattern is absolutely amazing- so intricate and beautiful, and the colors are so fall. Though it is a bit pricey, the print is definitely timeless and you will definitely wear it in seasons to come (you could get fall, winter and even part of spring out of this!).

Innovative Design: I was just in Forever 21 a few days ago and this cool snap-front purple cardigan ($24.00) caught my eye. It is by their more funky and fun line called Twelve by Twelve. The color is so pretty (both online and in person- I promise) and the details are adorable. The buttons alone make the purchase worth it- each one has a purple stone inside of it. It also has ¾ sleeves, which I love since I am so petite. Oh yeah, and the price if fabulous!  

Girly Extras: I love Urban Outfitters because they always get the trends just right. This open front ruffle cardigan ($48.00) is amazing. It is the perfect combination of menswear and feminine details (the fabric is almost like tweed and the ruffles on the collar and waist are so romantic). I could definitely wear this to work or class or just hanging out with friends- definitely versatile and reasonably priced.

By Stephanie Vacchio, Union College

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