Trend Report: Dress Like a Pretty Little Liar

Whether you’re 13 or 30, we all deserve our guilty "little" pleasures. For some it’s a trashy romance novel on the beach; for others it’s watching a Jersey Shore marathon on MTV. But for me, it all comes down to my weekly dose of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.  Based on the best-selling books by Sara Shepard, the TV series follows the oh-so-fashionable goings on of  four high school friends with a big secret to hide. Despite the transparency of half the scenes and the completely unrealistic concept of it all, I’m hooked. And even if I was ever to get TOO bored and wander off into my own train of thought, each of the character’s unique clothing and accessories would most likely yank me back to reality.  Forget Gossip Girl or 90210 – UChic's got your style guide to THE hit show of the summer.

Aria – Aria’s too-cool-for-school attitude (not to mention her hot little flirtation with her teacher) might make her a little Lolita in the making, but her style is mature well beyond her years. Her look is all about modern twists on fab pieces from the past are accentuated with her standout accessories. Whether it’s lace, leggings or leather jackets, her Indie-esque look can be adapted to wear in a variety of situations. Looking for something basic? Try this Safari Romper from Urban Outfitters. Add some unique jewelry pieces, like this Rose Winner Necklace or these Stark Raven Mod Earrings from Modcloth for a more polished look. Dress it up with some gold gladiator sandals, and you’re all set for everything from a casual lunch to an evening out.

Hanna – As the group's former queen bee, Hanna's sting used to be legendary (even if her look is sweet as honey). Although dresses are her staple, not just any frock will do. Don’t forget key touches like ruffles, light fabrics and (of course) the color pink. Anthropologie’s Picnic in the Park Dress is a great example of everything Hanna Marin. And again, in order to really pull this off, accessories are key. Pair this floral ensemble with a cute pair of heels and this cross body bag from Free People to make a cute and sexy statement.

Spencer – High school can be murder – especially when you're not sure if you killed one of your best friends or not. Spencer is competitive, intelligent, and preppy. Her style takes a collegiate twist on the most basic of pieces, but if you’re looking to go all out with Spencer’s look, you’re in luck. Next time you’ve got an important meeting or interview, channel this character by pairing Anthropologie’s Wildflowers-In-Flight top with J. Crew’s Navy Schoolboy Blazer. This designer duo goes perfect with a pair of khaki’s and some flats. Planning a date after that big meeting? Swap the pants for skinny jeans and you’re all set.

Emily – Emily is the athletic one of the group, but she's definitely not "game"  to let anyone know about her big secret (which is almost as explosive as her best friend's death).  For the perfect Emily-inspired outfit, try throwing Gap’s Varsity Cardigan with a basic tank,  jeans or leggings. Add a light scarf like this one from American Eagle to finish off the look. And should an impromptu game of football (complete with perfect fall weather and cute guys) break out in the school’s courtyard before class, you’re all set to jump in and get your flirt on!


(For more hot style inspirations, catch Pretty Little Liars Tuesday nights at 8PM EST on ABC Family.)


By Kristy Shaulis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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