Trend Report: Rollerball Perfumes That Rock!

Roll-on perfume is perfect for those hectic days. After throwing on your clothes and rushing off to class, you can just reach into your tote, swipe it on, and instantly feel (and obviously smell) better. It’s also great for after the gym or work when the perfume you put on earlier in the day has faded.

But let’s be real. What’s the biggest pro to opting for a roll-on versus a spritz? Answer: You’re not “that girl” — you know, the one that causes everyone else to break into spastic coughing fits when she spritzes on a cloud right in the middle of class or while walking down the hallway? Annoying! Anyways, after checking out Sephora, I picked out two of my favorite on-the-go scents:

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball ($20) – This perfume was inspired by Daisy from The Great Gatsby. OK, so she was a selfish ditz, but can’t you imagine yourself channeling her rich beautiful edge? Thanks to violet notes, the perfume is floral without being too cloying or intense, and it wears down to a tangy, slightly fruity smell after a few hours. This isn’t your typical flowery scent, so it doesn’t smell like something your grandma would wear and, depending on how much you put on, it’s great for work or play.

2. CLEAN Warm Cotton Rollerball ($22) – CLEAN creates perfumes that don’t make you smell like a rose garden or bakery. It’s weird, because while they list all different essences, everything blends to smell perfectly, well, clean. Warm Cotton is no different; it doesn’t feel like you have perfume on, it just smells like you put on freshly laundered clothes. Yum! For a soft, agreeable scent perfect for the weekend, you just can’t go wrong with picking up this little vial of goodness. 

— By Kelsey Pacer, University of South Carolina

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