Make Your Hair Sparkle!

Already missing your Fourth of July sparklers? Why not jump on the latest celebrity trend and add a little extra "wow" to your hair?

First Beyonce was spotted sporting a glittery golden mane, then Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were recently seen about and about in NYC with yellow and pink neon locks on their heads.  Wish you could be caught by the paparazzi while making a "hair"-raising statment?  Check out Sephora's new collection of Sparkle Strands ($5.00).   Available in an assortment of colors (gold, copper, and chocolate), these glittery hair pieces are meant to be tied into your existing hair and mixed in so they add a subtle glimmer and shine to your tresses.

Cheap, fun, and easy to use, Sparkle Strands are this summer's answer to beating a bad hair day and then some! 

-By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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