Trend Report: Sleeping Beauty

There’s no better time than when you're zonked out to not only replenish your energy, but also replenish your beauty. With tons of products on the market, here's a list of our favorite four must-have nighttime beauty essentials:

For healthier skin and a moisturized complexion, always remember to apply your nighttime favorites before you hit the sack. Having trouble finding a good lotion? Try Kinerase’s Ultimate Night Moisturizer from Sephora. At $67 a bottle it seems a bit pricey, but it provides your skin with maximum hydration and helps to repair and rehydrate overnight.

On a budget? Check out your local drug store for Olay Regenerist’s Night Recovery Moisturizer. A steal at only $20 bucks,  you can start feeling renewed on a daily basis, while giving your skin that natural lift it needs to look replenished.  

If you have oily or shiny skin have no fear, because there is a nighttime beauty product just for you. Try Exuviance Night Renewal Hydragel ($40.00). This botanical blend of oil-reducing ingredients helps decrease excess oiliness and shine without drying out your skin’s natural moisture. Meanwhile, you can reduce any signs of blemishes, lines and wrinkles.

On a different note, the nighttime is a great time for your to give your hair a break from all the products and styling it takes during the day. Try John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Overnight Repair Formula ($8.99). It works to replenish dry and damaged hair creating a softer and healthier look while you snooze.

Sweet dreams!


By Hope Holland

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