Summer Beauty Essential: Juliette Has a Gun Perfume

Looking for a sweet-smelling fragrance that will rock your summer and then some?  If you're ready for something unique that has an edge, then Juliette Has a Gun is what you need.  It’s made out of roses, but don’t be fooled by its fresh smell of elegance… this perfume is not for the fragile.  It comes in three unique fragrances that will leave you floating in a scented cloud of confidence, charm, and even a little bit of vengeance.  

This edgy perfume line is just one of the many products featured in Urban Outfitters new beauty department (where you can find it exclusively online for $85, or $75 for the purse atomizer), and definitely lives up to the brand's too-cool-for-school matra. If you need an easy confidence boost, spritz yourself with some Lady Vengeance ($110.00) and you will be ready to conquer any of the most sophisticated internship.  For something a little less sophisticated and a little more classic, you’ll want Miss Charming ($110.00).  This smell will give you the confidence of Lady Vengeance, but with a soft side.  Lastly, Citizen Queen ($135.00) is a unique scent made for only those who can handle it… the glamorous, the fashion forward, and any girl who is looking for some mystery and romance of her own. 

Score your own at an Urban Outfitters near you, or check out the company website for a local store in your area.

By Kelly Leslie, San Francisco State University

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