Trend Report: Sundresses Simplified

Nothing makes a girl feel more flirty and feminine than a summer sundress. They’re easy to throw on with a pair of flats or wedges AND you can even treat them like a tunic (jeans and blazer anyone?) when the weather cools down and you need to run out the door. What’s more to love than a piece clothing that’s versatile time ten? With all of the choices out there, every girl wants to have the cutest sundress.  Since summer has just arrived, here are some ideas for the eye-catching, mouth-dropping flirty sundress.

Keep it Classy: Chic is just a given when wearing a sundress with a timeless look. How do you achieve this without straining your bank account? One way is with the color white. Not only is it stylish when paired with a killer tan, it’s perfectly offset when paired with some cool turquoise jewelry and some funky sandals. Try looking at babydoll minidresses. It’s a great way to show off your legs and achieve a flirty look without being inappropriate. Our pick? Take a look at Arden B’s Embellished Babydoll Dress for $79.00

Keep it Soft: Pastel colors are big this season, and it’s not hard to understand why – they’re soft on the eye and gentle to the touch. You can’t deny there’s this innocent appeal about them that makes them simply irresistible. Trysomething frilly and flowy with some pretty flower accessories to compliment.  For a killer deal, check out American Eagle’s Seersucker Sundress for $39.95.         

Keep it Simple: Less is always more! Most guys don’t even notice the difference between our designer clothes or something we’ve got on clearance at H&M. So instead of being a risk taker and jumping on every trend that comes your way, sit this one out and purchase a sundress that has staying power – as in you know you’ll be able to wear it for years to come because it’s truly timeless. Ready to make a serious long-term investment? Splurge on this gorgeous Lily Pulitzer dress (Betsy Dress Lace Hem) for $198.00.

By Erin McClary, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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