Trend Report: Texting Gloves

We've got the message loud and clear: REAL gloves and your typical Blackberry or iPhone just don't mix. I mean, really. How many times have you tried to multi-task on your way across that frozen tundra you call a college campus in the middle of winter only to find you have to take a minute, stop, whip off you gloves, and then try to tap out a message with your frozen fingertips. This year, many of your favorite stores are heeding the call (literally) and rolling out some uber-friendly phone gloves that make sending a text as easy as pie.

Urban Outfitters, $14.00 – These straightforward gloves don't come with a lot of bells and whistles beyond a three color option, but the simplicity of being able to slip off the tips of your thumb of and forefinger make these a pratical buy if you're just looking for a standard pair of gloves to get you through the winter. Not exactly the warmest gloves of the lot, these come with a guilt-free price tag if you happen to lose them at the bar or your roommate snags them for herself.

Fred Flare, $20 – Not exactly ideal if you'r worried about frost bite, these cute fingerless gloves are perfect for short-term ventures out into the great outdoors but not much more. We say wear them if you're just heading off for a study session at the library or a trip to the bar, but skip them in you plan on tailgating in sub-zero temps.

Rachel Roy Striped Texting Gloves $29.00 – Our favorite of the lot, not only are these gloves totally stylish, they come with a snap closure at the thumb and index finger to make sure the cold stays out when not busily updating your BFF on the hot hook-up you enjoyed the night before. A pretty gray hue with delicate stripes of yellow, you can even go the distance and purchase the matching hood if you want a full-on ensemble that's guaranteed to keep you warm AND well-informed about all the hot gossip.

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