Trend Report: Winter Skin Savers

No matter how many layers we bundle ourselves up in, or how fast we race through the bitter cold to get to our destination, winter weather is rough and tough on our skin. So isn't it time to invest in a mositurizer that makes us glow instead of glower? (I mean, really? How gross is chapped and dry skin?)  Never fear, these four skin savers are here to give you the moisture you need for smooth and healthy skin, and some even have a little extra pizzazz to make your skin even better.  

St. Ives Advanced Body Moisturizer
The ideal moisturizer for the hands and body, St. Ives gives skin instant smoothness and shields against itchy, dry skin. What could be better you ask? How about the assortment of flavors for your skin to feast on, including Aloe & Chamomile or Swiss Vanilla? Or the tempting prices, ranging from $3 to $7 at local drugstores and online? Go ahead and indulge your skin with this jack-of-all-trades lotion.  

Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer: Honey Calendula
A nature-friendly remedy that's practically the Superman of moisturizers. Kiss My Face's combination of honey (an antidote for dry skin used since the early days) and calendula (a plant used therapeutically) makes this skin saver a necessity for your medicine cabinet. Buy this vitamin-rich hero of a lotion for $11.95 from the Kiss My Face website.  

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer
Part of a collection of skin care products dedicated to providing smooth and healthy skin, Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer doesn’t only treat winter-affected faces, but can help with acne as well. The combination of salicylic acid and Total Soy Complex ensures healthy skin texture.  Purchase this lotion from, on sale for $14.44, or at your local drugstore.   

CLEAN Shower Fresh Moisture Absorbent Rich Body Butter
Part of Urban Outfitters’ line of CLEAN body and skin care products, this Body Butter delivers the necessary moisture to defeat dry skin with that "I just showered and I feel great!" feeling. There’s no denying how refreshed and clean you feel after a shower, so reward yourself with this special moisturizer from the ever-so trendy UO. Purchase it online for $28 through or try CLEAN Warm Cotton from for $26.


By Tracy Diamond, Quinnipiac University

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