I know that somewhere, there’s a written list of rules for girls. Rules that usually don’t get followed, but if you’re found to be a rule-breaker, you could get the cold shoulder for DAYS. Days, people.

So I’m not really sure where these rules come in when you’re stuck in the middle of two of your girlfriends. Whose side do you take?

Especially, especially when there is a guy involved. Especially then. Because then there’s that whole “a guy should never come between us” thing, which usually involves a lot of backstabbing and side-taking.

It’s easy enough being a girl on either side: you know who your enemy is, and what your goal is. Get the guy. He’s naturally perfect, the only guy you could imagine yourself with…but where do the girls in the middle fit in?

I’m just a bystander; simply waiting to either mediate the situation or literally pry girls off each other in a cat fight. I want happiness for both my friends, but I don’t know how to support both at the same time…it seems hypocritical.

Because wanting one girl to be happy would inevitably mean the unhappiness of the other.

What’s a girl to do?

Let me just say, it really sucks when two of your friends like the same guy. It gets ugly really really really fast. Especially when people start taking sides.

I’m just a girl stuck in the middle…a little help, please?

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