“Twilight” Engagement Ring Leaves Fans Feeling Less-Than-Sparkly


“The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold — delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”

So once upon a time, Twilight author Stephanie Meyer went ahead and and gave the greenlight for a company to make an engagement ring in her sparkly vampires’ honor. Said ring (for $2000 it can be yours!) has been on sale for awhile now, and nobody said “boo” either way…until the Eclipse trailer rolled out. Now every blogger with a fangy fascination has weighed in (and trust us when we say most of it ain’t pretty). Rather than taking the time to go into all the (yawn) details about Bella’s bling, we thought it’d be more fun just to post some of the comments popping up online.

“If the Cullen’s had the long history that the book says they do, I doubt Edward would pick something so tacky.”

“It looks like one of those rings you’d buy at Forever 21.”

You’re a vampire, you’ve seen wars, art, life, love, everything in your long life…and THAT’S your idea of an engagement ring!?”

“This the exact level of ugly I would expect from a rich guy driving a Volvo.”

Late at night Edward went to his secret hiding place in the wardrobe and found a small crest. He opened it and took out his trusty BeDazzler. He didn’t care that Emmett would laugh at him (he was just jealous anyway, hrmp!). Because he was going to make Bella the prettiest engagement ring in, like, ever!

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