Twilight Spin-Off to Hit Bookstores in June

While many of us Twihards had hoped Twilight author Stephanie Meyer would opt to (spoiler alert for those of you that haven’t read the books) pick up her series with the love affair between Jacob and Edward and Bella’s daughter, it seems our favorite vampy author has other plans. Barnes&Noble has just announced that “The Short Second Life of Bree Turner” will hit bookstores on June 5th.

Described as a novella, the book follows one of the newbie vampires recruited to take out Bella and the Cullens during the whole Eclipse showdown. From a marketing perspective, this totally makes sense (after all, Eclipse is supposed to hit theaters around the same time so it just adds to the overall Twilight hysteria), it’s kind of a disappointment to fans given the time, energy, and commitment we’ve given to Meyer’s vampires and werewolves. Can’t she just humor us for once and either publish the Edward book she never finished, or give us some more quality time with Jacob already?

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