Twilight Takes the Fashion World

A “New Moon” clothing line has hit the racks. The name? Twilight Saga: New Moon. The clothing line, which is created by Awake Inc., is inspired by the movie, the characters and the Edward/Jacob rivalry. It has been sold at Nordstrom through their junior BP department as of October 15.

You can buy Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts as well as the Bella inspired hoodie. The collection has a graphic tee Ed-Hardy-esque look with Twilight/Vampire embellishments and wording from the saga.

In addition to graphic tees, the line tries to base its designs off of what the characters would actually wear in the books/movies. Fans can pick their favorite characters and emulate their style using this collection. The collection also includes makeup in Luna Twilight Beauty color palettes, so fans can pick which character’s complexion suits them best.

In addition to all that, jewelry is also included in the collection. Some examples of what you can hang on that human neck of yours? A Cullen pendant necklace or a Quileute charm pendant necklace. There’s also crescent moon earrings, Bella charm bangles, a Jacob bag clip and much much more.

Nordstrom stores will be hosting Twilight Takeover Parties in the BP. department on November 14 and 15 (depending on the participating store) where fans can work with stylists in creating looks from the exclusive collection.

Just in time for the film, the collection will allow Twilight saga fans to pick out an outfit for the upcoming sequel so they can head to the movie theaters in packs of uniformly designed clothing, makeup and jewelry. Nordstrom and Awake Inc. – thank you for making all Twihards easier to spot on the street!

Are you going to stop by and buy some Bella gear? If so, let us know what you get!


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