What are Twitter Chats? (Interview with Social Media Manager Lauren D.)

Our Super Savvy UChic Social Media Manager - Lauren Dubuque

We started our #LYD (Live Your Dream) Star interview series over a year ago. Through these interviews we have met and introduced women  who are dreaming, doing and creating change around the world. This year, in 2015, we plan on launching a Twitter Chat series with some of these #LYD women. So, we thought this week we would introduce you to UChic’s Social Media Manager Lauren Dubuque to get the deets on Twitter Chats.


Our Super Savvy UChic Social Media Manager - Lauren Dubuque

Our Super Savvy UChic Social Media Manager – Lauren Dubuque

1. What are Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats are pre-arranged chats that happen on Twitter through the use of Twitter updates, or tweets, that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation. Most Twitter chats include a formal agenda with a specific host or “speaker,” but some are just a free flowing discussion between all participants.

2. How can I participate?

In order to participate in a scheduled chat with, visit the hosting account’s Twitter page to follow along in real-time. When you answer a question (Q1), tweet with the appropriate number (A1) so people know to what you are answering. If you answer to a specific tweet, always make sure to tag the original author or chat “speaker” and definitely include the appropriate hashtag!

You can also follow along to any Twitter chat by searching the chat’s designated hashtag in the Twitter.com search bar. As new tweets featuring that hashtag are posted, Twitter will update the page in real-time.

3. How can I find Twitter Chats I would be interested in?

If you’re looking for chats to get involved with, Tweet Reports has a comprehensive Twitter chat schedule. Alternatively, you can find upcoming chats through Twitter.com’s search, by asking your followers about any chats they might participate in, or by stumbling across one in the trending topics list.

4. Why should I care about Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats are great for learning about a specific topic, but they have an additional value in the networking experience they offer. Many participants are looking to expand their networks as well as participate in the chat. So, it is good etiquette to return a follow from a fellow chatter!

Mark your calendars! We’ll be hosting an LYD Star Twitter chat on February 25 at 6:30 EST with Jessica Lawlor, founder of Get Gutsy. She will be sharing her career advice and answering all of your questions!

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