U Chic Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Brother

Why are guys so tough to buy for? They either want something totally techie you don’t understand, or something ridiculously silly and expensive (like an obscure piece of sports memorabilia from a player nobody has ever heard of), it’s almost tempting to just go the gift card route and call it a day.

Fear not, it’s U Chic to the rescue once again, this time with three great gift suggestions even the pickiest boy will appreciate. If you’re looking for a standout present that will totally earn you the “best sister of the year award,” look no further than these dude-approved stocking stuffers.

MIMOBOT i-Phone skins ($14.99) Skin is in, baby! ESPECIALLY when it comes to pimpin’ out his fave tech toy. These graffiti and animae-inspired designs are all limited edition designs, thus ensuring that his i-Phone will be a total standout.

Darkest of Days Video Game ($39.92) First person shooters are great stress-busters during mid-terms (or when you’re both stuck together under the same roof with your parents), so what better way to kick ass then by whizzing through time with a gun in your hand? History majors, bros, and boyfriends alike will jump at the chance to take out Confederate soldiers and blow open a WW II POW camp in this fast-paced war game.

Custom Beer Box Books ($12.00) Perfect for the guy that dreams of writing his first novel by 21 (or penning the perfect rock album well before the ripe ole’ age of 18), these one-of-a-kind hand-crafted journals are made with beer cases and can be customized to your brand of choice. With 17 styles to choose from, your dude will either feel inspired to pen some thoughtful prose…or maybe go hit his favorite local bar for 25 cent draft night.  (We say go with whichever one doesn’t require a fake I.D.).


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