U Chic Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Your College Roommate

Small spaces. Big clutter. It’s an ongoing problem for most college students, but it gets even trickier when you’re forced to share a bathroom with someone else…a someone else who maybe isn’t as neat and tidy as you are and has a tendency to stack their stuff across the sink so brushing your teeth becomes a game of chicken.

Help YOUR roomie keep it together (literally) with this cute Stuff Bucket Bathroom Tote from Dormbuys.com ($14.99). This cute caddy is easily portable and comes with (wait for it) TWENTY-FIVE pockets for storage. They’re big enough to stash a shampoo bottle, but small enough to secure razors, hair clips, and random feminine hygiene products.

Trust us, this cheap chic gift really is the answer to your prayers. Not only does it save on counter space, it will most definitely save your friendship and stop you from dumping your roomie AND all her stuff in the nearest trash can.

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