Our College Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff for Your Guy Under $25.00

Man, guys are tough to buy for. While we girls can always find something cute or fun on the cheap, they tend to go for all the expensive bells and whistles like iPhones, video game consoles, leather boots and the like. So in a effort to help you curb your spending this season, we at U Chic have come up with four fantastic gifts for the boy that you adore that won't force you into debt (seriously!):

Decoded by Jay-Z (Amazon.com, $18.88) – Told in his own words, Jay-Z's autobiography details his rise from the projects to his place as rap and hip-hop's reigning king. Sure that's cool and all, but what really makes this a hot gift is the lyrical prose, multiple liner notes, and numerous photos that are also included. A definite must for anyone who's obsessed with music and has lots of East Coast love in their hearts.

Star Wars Heroes and Villains Pancake Mold (William and Sonoma, $19.95) – The Force will be strong with him as he prepares you breakfast in bed…or maybe a late-night snack post bar-hopping. A top gift this season (did we mention it comes with gourmet pancack mix too?), this foodie fave can also be purchased with a Darth Vadar spatula and matching Star Wars apron (monogramming available).

City Roots Tee (Urban Outfitters, $24.00) – What guy doesn't love a cool graphic tee he can throw on for class or maybe even a study date with you? This simple shirt packs a big punch with an amazing illustration, super-soft feel, and frayed hem and sleeves for the broken-in look he totally lives for.

BPONG Rack Kit (BPONG.com, $14.99) – Sick of being the one that always has to run to the store to get cups every time your guy and his friends decide it's time to brush up on their beer pong skills? Save yourself the trip with this handy-dandy kit that comes complete with cups, rack, and two ping pong balls.


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