College Students Prefer Praise to Partying

God bless all you millenials out there. After years and years of your parents telling you how awesome you are, you still can't get enough of it…even if it means sacraficing some of the naughtier aspects of your personal life.

According to a recent study out of the University of Michigan, students overwhelmingly picked praise as something they preferred to recieve over hanging out with their friends, getting a paycheck, drinking, and even having sex.

Of the 152 young adults surveyed, self-esteem was a key aspect that played a part in most of the student's success, and while hooking up and getting drunk was assumed to be easily accesible to most, being awarded with positive feedback and compliments was more elusive, therfore more desireable.

"Everybody likes compliments, but more than engaging in your favorite sexual activity? More than receiving a paycheck? I was surprised it was such a powerful thing that it trumped everything else," says lead researcher Brad Bushman.

We guess gold stars don't lose their shine even after we reach adulthood…




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