UChic Approved: 5 Ways To Enjoy the Indoors this Winter

So, unless you’re one of the blessed few lucky enough to live in an exotic locale like Florida or California, you’re probably cursing winter right now, and its single-degree temperatures, biting winds, snow, sleet, ice, slush, and salt. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take pains to leave your dorm or apartment as little as possible unless absolutely necessary. But staying in hibernation all winter is boring, right? Here are five items to have on hand at your apartment to help make the months you spend indoors just a little bit sweeter.

Swiss Miss mocha cappuccino. When it’s a blistery, snowy January day, don’t you want to just cuddle on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa? These selections even have a bit of a caffeine boost added in to give you that mid-day kick.

Apples to Apples. This game, surprisingly, actually carried me and my roommates through a winter-weather-induced power outage and the accompanying boredom just a few days ago. It may seem a little cheesy, but this will cure your boredom for sure. And beats playing your 87th round of online poker…

Freaks and Geeks on DVD. On a lazy day inside, you just can’t watch enough of this cult classic about freaks and geeks struggling to fit into the high school mold. Take a break from college and let yourself get wrapped up in their world for a few hours!

A good blanket. Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality blanket to snuggle up with; wool, down, fleece, whatever. Try this list for a few suggestions and nap happy.

And of course, a good old pilates video. As much as we'd love to, you can't sit on the couch with your cocoa and DVDs and blankets forever! So, when it's too cold to walk/run to the gym, get a workout without leaving the warmth of your living room. Try Gaiam for starters.



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