UChic Approved: Game Night

Obviously, the games are the most important aspect of Game Night. If your friends are more of the technology-geared type, try a DVD or video game. My friends and I enjoy Mario Party in any Nintendo system. Mario Party consists of a large assortment of basic games, like tracing the Yoshi head, or staying on the moving mushroom the longest. You get points for each game, and at the end of the match, a champion and runners-up are announced.

For a more traditional game night, try these classics:

 Monopoly: Reserve this standard for a chilly night when no one wants to step outdoors (or go anywhere for the next couple hours, for that matter). Grab the orange properties, if you can. It has been statistically shown that these spaces are landed on the most frequently.




 Mad Gab: “Dew Wino Hue?” If you guessed that these three phonetically mixed up words are actually, “Do I know you?” pick this game for your extravaganza. This is a great game to play for a short amount of time, since you can choose how many rounds to play ahead of time. It is also unlimited in the number of players.



 Rack-O: This game is limited to four players, but since it is less well-known, experience may not be a factor and could even the playing field. Players must put 10 numbered cards in order, by discarding and picking up new cards. The first to successfully do so wins the game and the others get a set number of points, depending on how many cards they had been able to order. Players pick how many rounds there will be.


 Bunko: This dice-rolling amusement is for a large group of people. It’s hard to explain because there are so many components, but it is simple to play. Check out the Bunkorules.com site for a detailed explanation of this game, which has been immortalized by suburban moms across the country.



Here are some other suggestions to enhance your Game Night:

1. Evite Invitations. They are a great way to invite your friends to Game Night. Friends can RSVP and suggest games, while you get a better idea of who will show up.

2. Snacks and drinks. Game Nights can be a break away from crazy parties. Go for non-alcoholic drinks and fun snacks. My favorite cookie is the frosted animal crackers. Or, for a healthier snack, pretzels and veggies and dip will keep tummies full.

3. Rules. Make sure everyone is aware of the games to be played before the night begins, so they have time to look over the rules. Discuss any discrepancies in rules and establish house rules, if needed. Make sure everyone agrees on the rules so that the night can continue in fun, not in fighting.

4. Start a tradition. Have a great time at your first Game Night? Decide to begin a club, or start a monthly Game Night. As the weather gets warmer, you can play outside games or bring the table onto the patio. Either way, game nights can be a great way to unwind and spend quality time with close friends.

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